Announcements 2004-2005

17-Nov-05 The IZA website has undergone a facelifting
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V.P. Chemicals is a manuacturer of quaternary ammonium and phosphonium hydroxides.
We can supply aqueous solutions of various concentrations. Products in regular production: TMAOH, TEAOH, TPAOH and TBAOH. We can also supply large-pore templates according to customer requirements.
For further information, please contact: Mr. Virendra Ponkshe,
V.P.CHEMICALS, 88/4/21 Yamunanagar, Nigdi Pune - 411 044, Maharashtra INDIA
Fax: +91 20 2746 1461,Cell: +91 9822112762, E-mail:

27-Sep-05 The Commission on Mesoporous Materials and the Commission on Natural Zeolites now have websites
5-May-05 The Structure Commission has approved four new framework type codes
    EON ECR-1 (isotype: TNU-7)
    -LIT Lithosite
    NSI Nu-6(2)
    OWE UiO-28
31-Jan-05 INNOCHEM NV offers various products that are used in zeolite synthesis, such as lithium compounds and quaternary ammonium compounds, like TEABr, TPABr, TEA-OH, TMA-OH and TPA-OH.
For further information please contact:  INNOCHEM NV, Netherlands office, Frans Sabel
tel +31 73 6442590, fax +31 73 6448920, e-mail


The new IZA Ambassador is Paul Ratnasamy.
As the winner of the IZA Award at the last IZC for his outstanding lifetime contributions to and achievements in the field of zeolite science, Prof. Ratnasamy was awarded not only a plaque, but also a travel grant to enable him to give a series of lecture tours during the coming three years. He has put together the following list of potential topics for these lectures:

  Active sites in titanosilicate molecular sieves
Activation and reactions of CO2 over solid catalysts
Using CO2 instead of phosgene in the manufacture of carbonates and carbamates
Sulfur tolerant steam/autothermal reforming catalysts for the manufacture of hydrogen
If you are interested in inviting Prof. Ratnasamy to visit your laboratory or institute during his ambassadorship, please contact the Vice-President of the IZA, Prof. Takashi Tatsumi.

8-Nov-04 The Structure Commission has approved four new framework type codes
    CDO CDS-1 (isotypes: MCM-65, UZM-25)
  GIU Giuseppettite
  SFO SSZ-51
8-Nov-04 A new book on micro- and mesoporous materials edited by the French Zeolite Group has been published
  Les matériaux micro et mésoporeux
Livre collectif du GFZ
EDP Sciences

Denise Bartomeuf

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Denise Barthomeuf on the first of November 2004. Denise served as Vice President of the IZA and chaired the Breck Award selection committee during the period 1986-1989. She also founded the French Zeolite Association (Groupe Français des Zéolithes) in 1986. Her work in the fields of zeolite modification and acid-base catalysis are without doubt major contributions to our scientific community. In addition to her scientific achievements we will cherish the memory of her personal qualities of kindness, generosity and loyal friendship.


George Kokotailo

It is with great sadness that we report the death of George Kokotailo on October 27, 2004. For 34 years, George was a productive materials science researcher with the Mobil Oil Company, Paulsboro, NJ, and for much of this time taught physics in the evenings at Drexel University. His main research interest was in zeolite structure, and he is probably best known for his part in the solution of the structure of ZSM-5. He served as a member of the IZA Council from 1983 to 1989 and from 1992 to 1996, and was a consultant to the original Structure Commission of the IZA. During his career, he received several honors, including the prestigious Alexander von Humbolt Fellowship. His enthusiasm for his work and his generosity to generations of students will be sorely missed by all those who had the privilege of knowing him.

22-Oct-04 Nano-scale silicalite-1 and other zeolites for sale (e.g. TS-1 and 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X). Delivery of small (few grams) and large amount (e.g. > 30,000 tons of 4A detergent builder per year) possible. Also contact me for different grades of TPAOH, TMAOH,  TEAOH, BTMAOH, TBAOH.

15-Sep-04 The Structure Commission has approved five new framework type codes
  MAR Marinellite
  RRO RUB-41
  RWR RUB-24
  UTL IM-12

Zeolite - Clinoptilolite for sale
Clinoptilolite content not less than 90%
Sizes: 0 - 850 micrometer; 0 - 2,5 mm; 850 micrometer - 2,5 mm; 2,5 - 5 mm;
2,5 - 7 mm; 0 - 5 mm; 0 - 7 mm
Analysis: (Na, K, Ca)6 (Si, Al)36O72.20H2O; SiO2 68.4 %; Al2O3 12.5 %; Fe2O3 0.9 %; K2O+Na2O 4.5 %; CaO 2.1 %; TiO2 0.08 %; MnO 0.016 %
Packaging: Bags 10 kg; 25 kg - 50 kg; 500 kg; 1 - 1,5 ton big bags
Contact: Erdem Dahiroglu, Zetas Madencilik, e-mail:

30-Jun-04 Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite for Sale
Rota Mining Company was established in 1995 and is situated in Istanbul,Turkey.
Specialized in production and marketing of clinoptilolite, a natural type of zeolite. Rota Mining is the largest producer of natural Zeolite ( Purity : % 95 Clinoptilolite) in Turkey. Production facilities take place in our Modern Factory in Manisa Gordes.These facilities are surface mining, crushing, screening, drying, bagging, and warehousing. This modern facility has the crushing and sizing capacity of 48000 tons per year.
For more information about our firm and products see

21-May-04 The Structure Commission has implemented two exciting new features on their database website
Live 3D drawings of all framework types (click on Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types)
a new link to a prototype database of hypothetical frameworks

News from the 14th IZC in Cape Town
Congratulations to
  Cyril O'Connor and his team for a wonderfully organized conference
Avelino Corma, the recipient of the Breck Award
Paul Ratnasamy, our new IZA Ambassador
The next IZC will be held August 12-17, 2007 in Beijing, China
At the IZA Business Meeting the IZA Membership selected
  Sorrento, Italy as the venue for the 16th IZC in 2010
and seven new Council members
    Michael Anderson, Gabriele Centi, Avelino Corma, Stefan Ernst,
François Fajula, Shilun Qiu and Dongyuan Zhao
The new Executive Committee of the IZA Council is
  François Fajula, President
Takashi Tatsumi, Vice-President
Michael Anderson, Secretary
Stacey Zones, Treasurer


The German Zeolite Association has implemented an open internet forum
for discussions on zeolites and related materials (in German)

12-Feb-04 We are sad to report the passing of Prof. Fred Mumpton of SUNY, Brockport
He cared deeply about fostering the study of natural zeolites, a group of minerals that prior to the 1950's was thought to be limited to "occurrences of white minerals in black rocks," as Fred was fond of saying.  Probably no other person in our time was so intimately linked to natural zeolites.  We will all miss his tutorials on the pronunciation of zeolite names and his legendary leadership of natural zeolite science.

30-Jan-04 The Structure Commission has approved seven new framework type codes
  ETR ECR-34
  IWR ITQ-24
  NPO Lithium hydrogen oxonitridophosphate chloride (oxonitridophoshpate-1)
  SSY SSZ-60
  USI IM-6
  UOZ IM-10

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