IZA Award

The individual chosen for the IZA Award is being honored by the International Zeolite Association for long-term commitments and contributions to zeolite science. The recipient will serve as an ambassador for the IZA to the world zeolite community 

IZA Award Recipients:

2022 Valentin Valtchev, France
for important contributions to the fundamental understanding of zeolite synthesis and post-synthesis modification of industrially-important zeolites.

Wilhelm SchwiegerGermany
for important contributions to zeolite science and technology resulting in commercial applications of zeolites.
  2016 Avelino Corma, Spain
for outstanding achievements in the synthesis of zeolites and their application as catalysts in petrochemical processes and fine chemicals synthesis.
 2013Francois Fajula, France
for achievements in the synthesis and modification of zeolites and porous materials and their application in catalysts in refining and petrochemical processes.
  2010 Lynne B. McCusker, Switzerland
for the seminal contributions she has made together with Christian Baerlocher to the crystallography of zeolites and for her continuous service to the zeolite community.
  2007 Giuseppe Bellussi, Italy
for his seminal contribution to the development of zeolite science and use in industrial catalytic processes.
  2004 Paul Ratnasamy, India
for his seminal contributions to invention and innovation in the field of catalysis by zeolites exemplified by the development of a process for producing alkylbenzenes.
  2001 Lovat V.C. Rees, United Kingdom
for his scientific contributions to the fields of ion exchange, Mössbauer spectroscopy and adsorption-diffusion, and for his dedicated promotion of zeolite science, in particular as editor of Zeolites and as organizer of the Chislehurst meetings.
  1998 Hermann van Bekkum, The Netherlands
for his contributions to and achievements in the application of zeolite catalysts for the selective preparation of organic intermediates and fine chemicals.
  1996 Hellmut Karge, Germany
for his contributions to and achievements in the understanding of zeolite acidity, coke formation on zeolite catalysts, the study of sorption, diffusion and counter-diffusion in zeolites by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and the modification of zeolites via solid-state ion exchange.
  1994 Edith M. Flanigen, USA
for her innumerable and invaluable contributions to the field of zeolite synthesis.

If you would like to invite the IZA Ambassador to visit your laboratory, further details on the procedure are given here.

last updated: 23-September-2016