At each International Zeolite Conference, the IZA award is presented to an individual for outstanding lifetime contributions to and achievements in the field of zeolites. The award consists of a plaque and a travel grant, which the recipient is to apply to a lecture tour to foster understanding and collaboration in zeolite science and technology. The recipient thereby becomes an ambassador for the educational goals of the IZA.

Would you like to invite the IZA Ambassador to visit your laboratory or institute?
If you would like to have the IZA Ambassador visit your laboratory or institute, please send a letter of invitation to the Vice-President of the IZA, who will be coordinating the IZA Ambassador's tours during his/her three-year term.

The travel grant associated with the IZA Award will generally cover the plane fare for the IZA Ambassador's lecture tours. It is expected that local expenses will be assumed by the IZA Ambassador's hosts.

last updated: 20-July-2001