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15-Dec-15 Nominations for the 2016 Donald W. Breck Award invited
    The Breck Award nomination committee invites nominations for the 2016 Donald W. Breck Award. This award is for "the most significant contribution to Molecular Sieve Science and Technology made between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2015" and the winner will be announced at 18th IZC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The award may be given to an individual or to a group.

The nomination should be accompanied by a list of references and a 2 page summary outlining in detail the novel findings and their scientific merit. It must be endorsed by five established zeolite scientists.

Nominations should be sent by March 15, 2016 to the Chair of the Breck Award Committee:
Prof. Avelino Corma
Instituto de Tecnologia Química
UPV-CSIC Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Avda. de los Narajos s/n
E-46022 Valencia

27-Nov-15 Proposals for the organization of the 20th International Zeolite Conference
    The IZA Executive Council is soliciting proposals for organizing the 20th IZC to be held in 2022. A proposal should contain sufficient detail, including the specific proposed conference location, to permit a reasonable evaluation of its merits, and must contain the name of a person who agrees to become the Conference Organizer, if the proposal would be selected by the Membership. The time schedule for this process is shown schematically below.

Selection of the venue for the 20th IZC:
A B C 18th IZC
June 19-24
 2 months  2 months 2 months    
Letter of Interest Applicants fill in questionnaire Council preselects best bid(s) Applicants prepare presentaion

A: Those who plan to submit a bid for the 20th IZC should submit a letter of intent to the IZA President ( or to the IZA Secretary ( at least six months before the 18th IZC. It should contain the name of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and the envisaged venue and date for the 20th IZC. Upon receipt of the letter of intent, the Secretary shall send the detailed questionnaire "Proposal for the Organization of the 20th IZC to be held in 2022 to the applicant.

B: This questionnaire, properly filled in and signed, must be received by the President or Secretary at least four months before the 18th IZC. All bids received by this date are distributed to the IZA Council members. The Council shall then review the proposals and make a pre-selection of the best proposal or the two best proposals or, in exceptional cases, the three best proposals, to be presented to the Membership during the Business Meeting at the 18th IZC for approval or final selection.
5-Nov-15 The Structure Commission has approved two new Framework Type Codes
    -IFU Type material: ITQ-54  
    MWF Type material: ZSM-25  
30-Apr-15 The Structure Commission has approved four new Framework Type Codes
    CSV Type material: CIT-7  
    PSI Type material: PST-6  
    EWT Type material: EMM-23  
    JNT Type material: JU-92  
5-Mar-15 Two new issues on Australia and New Zealand have been added to the Catalog of Natural Zeolite Deposits
    Check the site of the Commission on Natural Zeolites
22-Dec-14 Valentin Valtchev will become the new IZA Webmaster in 2015
    After 16 years as IZA Webmaster, Lynne McCusker will pass the baton to Valentin Valtchev, member of the IZA Council and recipient of the first FEZA Cronstedt Award, as of 1-January-2015. From then on, any correspondence regarding the website should be sent to him at
19-Dec-14 Two new documents have been added to the MOF Commission website
    Check them out
17-Dec-14 Some more information on the history of the IZA added to the website

Carmine Colella has added reports on the 2010 and 2013 conferences in Sorrento and Moscow, respectively to the history section of the IZA website. These are intended as updates to the book (also online) summarizing the first 15 IZCs. He has also introduced a new subsection entitled Memories with a first contribution from Alan Dyer.

He welcomes contributions of articles or documents from the IZA membership, so if you have something you think might be of interest, please contact him at

Edith Flanigen receives the National Medal of Technology and Innovation

    In a White House ceremony, President Obama presented Edith Flanigen with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, which goes to the nation's top inventors.
    from The Buffalo News
    Congratulations Edi!
10-Nov-14 2014 Barrer Award goes to Luis Gómez-Hortigüela

Dr Luis Gómez-Hortigüela has received the 2014 Barrer award from the BZA for his outstanding predictive computational studies of templating and reactivity of microporous materials.


6-Oct-14 FEZA prize awarded to Tom Willhammar
    Tom Willhammar from Stockholm University received the 6th FEZA (Federation of European Zeolite Associations) prize for the best PhD work in zeolites and related materials published between January 2011 and December 2013.


19-Sep-14 The Structure Commission has approved seven new Framework Type Codes
    IFW Type material: ITQ-52
    IFY Type material: ITQ-50
    *-ITN Type material: ITQ-39
    IRN Type material: ITQ-49
    POS Type material: PKU-16
    *-SSO Type material: SSZ-61
    UOV Type material: IM-17
17-Sep-14 First Cronstedt Award to Valentin Valtchev and Svetlana Mintova

The FEZA (Fedration of European Zeolite Associations) has awarded
the first Cronstedt Award for contributions to science and technology related to zeolites, ordered mesoporous materials, metal organic frameworks or other porous materials to

Valentin Valtchev and Svetlana Mintova (CNRS, Caen, France)

for their fundamental studies on zeolite nucleation in organic-free hydrogels, that brought the current state of the art to the level of rational design of zeolite crystals and synthesis of high quality nanosized zeolites.


10-Jun-14 Avelino Corma Canós, Mark E. Davis and Galen D. Stucky receive
the Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research 2014
    At its meeting in Oviedo, the Jury for the 2014 Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research decided to bestow the 2014 Award on the chemist Avelino Corma Canós (Spain), the chemical engineer Mark E. Davis (USA) and the physical chemist Galen D. Stucky (USA) for their contributions to the development of microporous and mesoporous materials and their applications.

The three researchers have made truly remarkable contributions to the design and methods of synthesis of these materials, the study of their properties and the development of their applications in very diverse fields. These include the petrochemical industry, biodegradable plastics and water treatment, improved food quality, new medicines and revolutionary healthcare materials, optoelectronic materials, emission reducing elements and, in short, a broad range of activities in society.

Congratulations from the IZA to these three prominent zeolite scientists!
5-May-14 Channel system search added to the Database of Zeolite Structures
    Christian Baerlocher has been busy! He has updated the database to include the channel system descriptions and ring drawings for the framework types that have been approved since the printed edition of the Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types appeared in 2007. At the same time, he added a new feature to the "Advanced Search" function. It is now possible to search for the maximum diameter of a sphere that can diffuse through the framework These have already been implemented on the ETH and ASU servers, and will appear shortly on the new Leuven and Stockholm ones.
17-Mar-14 Developments in the Database of Zeolite Structures
    There are now four active servers for the Database of Zeolite Structures. These are maintained in Zürich, Switzerland, Tempe, AZ, USA, Stockholm, Sweden and Leuven, Belgium. When you enter the database via, you will be linked automatically to the nearest available server.
    The Natural Tilings that occur in at least two framework types are now listed for each framework type in addition to the pdf file showing the arrangement of the tiles. Drawings of all of these tiles can be found by clicking on "Natural Tiling" for any framework type.
28-Jan-14 History of the IZA now available online
    The book by Carmine Colella "A short history of the International Zeolite Conference" that traces the history of the IZC from the first in London in 1967 to the fifteenth in Beijing in 2007 can now be acessed online. Just click on the "History" link in the Navigation Bar on the left of this page.
  The Structure Commission has approved five new Framework Type Codes
    AFV Type material: ZnAlPO-57
    AVL Type material: ZnAlPO-59 (AlPO Seven Layer Structure)
    EEI Type material: SSZ-45 (ERS-18 (eighteen))
    -IRY Type material: ITQ-40
    ITG Type material: ITQ-38


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