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The International Zeolite Association (IZA) was organized in 1973 at the 3rd International Molecular Sieve Conference to promote and encourage the development of all aspects of zeolite science and technology.


Latest News
18th IZC (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) meeting report has been posted on the History site of IZA by Prof. Carmine Collela.
21-May-17 News from the Synthesis Commission 
The IZA Synthesis Commission (http://www.iza-online.org/synthesis/default.htm) prepared the 3rd edition of the book 3rd Edition of the book “Verified Syntheses of Zeolitic Materials” (ISBN-10: 0-692-68539-1) in order to enlarge the existing collection and to include new materials of interest to the zeolite research community. The introductory articles revealed the most important developments from the last decade associated with synthesis, characterization and application of zeolites.

21-Mar-17  News from the Structure Commission 
The Structure Commission has launched a fully revised version of the Database of Zeolite Structures.
We thank Christian Baerlocher and all the colleagues involved in the permanent evolution of the database.

 Avelino Corma is recipient of 2016 Spiers Memorial Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Prof. Corma was awarded for the introduction of new concepts for the synthesis of microporous and mesoporous inorganic materials and their application in heterogeneous catalysis which have resulted in extensive range of industrial applications.

Avelino - RSC award 2016

Congratulations from the IZA to our esteemed colleague!

31-Oct-16  The Structure Commission has approved a new Framework Type Code
ETL      Type material: H-EU-12

27-Oct-16  News from the Structure Commission 

The Database of Zeolite Structures has been updated and modernized. The database has been migrated from FileMaker to MySQL and the query language changed from xsl to php. The four university servers have been replaced with three commercial virtual servers (vServers) that are located in Europe, Asia and North America to give a better geographical distribution of service. These three servers will be maintained by Christian Baerlocher and Lynne McCusker (Zurich), Wei Wan and Xiaodong Zou (Stockholm) and Christine Kirschhock and her team (Leuven), respectively. The changes ensure the future of the Database of Zeolite Structures for the next 20 years.

This year we are celebrating our 20th year of zeolite structures on the web.  For more information on the history, click here.  

On behalf of the whole zeolite community, we thank all the colleagues involved in the permanent evolution of this indispensable tool!

15-Sep-16  New reports from the Natural Zeolite Commision

Two new reports concerning the sedimentary zeolite deposits in Armenia and in Iran have been put online in the Natural Zeolite Commission website.

5-Aug-16  Russell Morris became a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in London

Prof. R. Morris (University of St Andrews) has been elected as a FRS because of his important work in porous solids, and in particular for his revolutionary developments in synthesis, such as the ionothermal and ADOR methods, which have had significant impact across a wide range of chemistry outside his own field. Morris was also elected for his work in developing new applications of zeolites and metal-organic frameworks, particularly for the controlled delivery of therapeutic gases for medicine.

Russel Morris

Prof. Morris has added his signature to the Charter Book joining other famous scientists such as Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, etc.

Congratulations from the IZA to our esteemed colleague!

News from the IZC-18 in Rio de Janeiro
30-Jun-16  IZA Awards

The recipients of the 2016 Breck Award are:
Svetlana Mintova and Valentin Valtchev
of the CNRS, Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, Caen, France
for the understanding the nucleation in organic-free hydrogel systems leading to rational design of industrially relevant nanosized zeolites.

Prix Breck 2016


The new IZA Ambassador, the recipient of the 2016 IZA Award is:
Avelino Corma
of the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ), Valencia, Spain
for outstanding achievements in the synthesis of zeolites and their application as catalysts in petrochemical processes and fine chemicals synthesis.

Ambassador 2016


The IZA Honorary Memberships were given to:

Carmine Colella of the University of Naples, Naples, Italy  
for contribution given to the IZA through the constitution of the Natural Zeolite Commission, the preservation of the related culture, the update of IZA history and the keeping of IZA archive;


Michael Stöcker of the SINTEF, Oslo, Norway
for co-founding the Journal "Microporous and Mesoporous Materials" and for having supported the culture of zeolite science as Editor-in-Chief of this Journal for many years.


29-Jun-16  IZA Council

Seven new Council members were elected:
Martin Hartmann (Germany)
Masaiko Matsukata (Japan)
Roberto Millini (Italy)
Heloise Pastore (Brazil)
Fernando Rey (Spain)
Matthias Thommes (USA)
Xiaodong Zou (Sweden)

The new Executive Committee of the IZA Council is:
Valentin Valtchev, President
Suk Bong Hong, Vice-President
Heloise Pastore, Secretary
Raul Lobo, Treasurer

28-Jun-16  International Zeolite Conference (IZC)

At the IZA Business Meeting, the IZA membership selected the venue for the 20th IZC in 2022:
Valencia, Spain

The next IZC will be held in 2019 in Perth, Australia

6-May-16  Proposals for the organization of the 6th International MOF Meeting

The MOF commission of the IZA would like to solicit bids to host the 6th International MOF meeting, which is scheduled to take place in 2018. The deadline for bids will be August 1st, 2016 and the decision will be made during the 5th International MOF meeting to be held in September 2016 in Long Beach California, USA. For further information on what is required for a bid please contact Russell Morris (rem1@st-andrews.ac.uk).

11-Apr-16  Newly Elected Academicians

The following zeolite scientists were elected as Academicians in 2015:
Prof. M. Tsapatsis – USA National Academy of Engineering
Prof. J. Yu – Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Z. Liu – Chinese Academy of Engineering 

Congratulations from the IZA to our esteemed colleagues! 

17-Mar-16  Jule Rabo (1924-2016)

It is with great sadness that we must report that Jule Rabo, one of the pioneers of zeolite science, passed away on March 1, 2016.

Dr. Rabo, one of UOP's leading scientists, has a long list of accomplishments, but he is best known for his discovery of the acidic forms of zeolite Y and and for applying them to petroleum catalysis. The catalysts he discovered have formed the basis for the production of motor fuels for almost 60 years. He was a Senior Research Fellow at Union Carbide, later UOP, and continued to consult for the company for many years after his retirement in 1990.

He earned wide recognition for his discoveries, and received numerous awards, including, in 1993, the Chemical Pioneer Award from the American Institute of Chemists for pioneering discoveries in zeolite catalysis. He was a generous teacher who shared his knowledge enthusiastically with colleagues and students during his career. He lectured widely on catalysis and surface chemistry at national and international conferences, at universities, catalysis societies and industrial research centers all over the world. He earned more than 60 U.S. patents and authored several dozen articles, studies and books. The zeolite community will continue to enjoy this legacy for many years to come.



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