Announcements 1998-2003


18-Jun-03 The Italian Zeolite Association (Associazione Italiana Zeoliti) now has a website at

25-Apr-03 INDMINERALî Ltd has a 25-year license to develop a natural zeolite deposit in Armenia. We are interested in selling the natural zeolite (70-75% clinoptilolite), and can produce up to 1000 tons monthly.
For further information, please contact
M. Stepanyan, Andraniky 125/21, 375114 Yerevan, Armenia,
Tel: +3749 429438; Tel/Fax: +3742 729472; E-mail:


The Okten Mining Group in Turkey is seeking a commercial partner. Our company focuses on exploration and development of various natural minerals such as marble, calcite, sand, quartz, talc, coal, bentonite, zeolite, silica sand and quarzite. In particular, we have 5 million tons of clinoptilolite-rich zeolite reserve in our area. We have the mining machines and equipment, packing facilities and licenses. Samples are available to any interested party.
Contact: Okten Mining Group, E-mail: or


Getn Group CJSC, an Armenia-based mining and stone processing company, is looking for technology of processing natural zeolites. We are also interested in hearing from and working with a company specialized in manufacturing products based on natural zeolites. Possible mechanisms of partnership can be negotiated.
Specifications of zeolites are available upon request.
For additional information contact: Naire Yeritsyan, Marketing Manager, Getn Group CJSC, #50 Artsakh str., Yerevan 375053, Armenia
Phone: +374 (1) 341065, E-mail: or

2-Apr-03 Thirteen year old Alexis Craig of San Diego recently put together a Science Fair project analyzing zeolite framework structures. To do this she made extensive use of the Structure Commission's Database of Zeolite Structures. Her project was selected as one of 16 that will represent her school at the next level of competition. Congratulations Alexis!

1-Apr-03 Sergey Khvoshchev has put together a bibliography of references covering the areas of
Zeolite membranes, films and coatings
Mesoporous Molecular Sieves
Zeolite-like Phosphates
A link to his website ( has been added to the IZA website under "Links / Other".

27-Aug-02 For your regular bulk (FCL) requirement of
    1. Tetrapropylammonium hydroxide (TPA-OH) 20-40 %
2. Tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMA-OH) 20-25 %
3. Tetraethylammonium hydrocide (TEA-OH) 20-35 %
4. Tetrabutylammonium hydroxide (TBA-OH) 40-55 %
5. Cetyltrimethylammonium hydroxide (CTMA-OH) 10 %
  Please contact manufacturer: Demi Specialty Chemicals and Co., D-10, Mantri Housing Complex, Dapodi, Pune-411 012
Phone : +91 (20) 582 1844, Fax : +91 (20) 411 3865, e-mail :


We are sad to report that Prof. Larry Kevan of the University of Houston passed away on June 4, 2002. He was an active member of the IZA and a regular participant at IZC's. Some of the highlights of his life and career have been outlined in the Houston Chronicle.

2-Apr-02 Offer of Clinoptilolite, Montmorillonite, Smectite from Paraguay
We offer this products in 50 kgs backs or in 1 ton bags. Disponibilty:70.000tons year. Chemical ansd Mineralogical Anaylisis made in Canada and Germany.
Also we are interested in a serious industrial partner to build up a work together with aplications of those minerals
Contact: Dr.Jorn Wenger, FABRICA QUIMICA DUX, Av.Venezuela 2007-Asuncion, Paraguay
Phone: +595 (21) 295914, Fax: +595 (21) 291910

31-Mar-02 FEZA Prize for Ph.D. work on zeolites or related materials
The Federation of European Zeolite Associations is seeking applications for this prize, which will be given for the highest quality publications arising from research on zeolites and related materials carried out a the Ph.D. level. Articles that appeared in journal volumes dated between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 2001 will be considered.
More information can be found on the FEZA website ( or by clicking here.


SeaKam, Inc. offers for sale a high quality Clinoptilolite (75-90%) from the Kamchatka peninsula (Russian Far East).
SeaKam, Inc. is also looking for cooperation in the following areas:

  Creating a joint stock venture for development and/or processing natural zeoites into finished products
Distribution of natural zeolites and/or its products.
All technical characteristics are available upon request.
Contact: Marina Rubin, Manager, SeaKam, Inc., P.O. Box 21306 Seattle, WA 98111-2306
Tel. +1 (425) 891-4959, Fax +1 (425) 453-6134, e-mail:


Clinoptilolite for sale
Purity: 90% and up.
grain : from 0.0mm-1.5mm and , 1.5mm-4.0mm
Chemical Analysis: SIO2 : 70.5% Al2O3: 13.5% CaO: 2.9% K2O: 1.75% MgO: 1.2% Fe2O3: 1.1% Na2O: 0.4% TeO: 0.05%
packaging 25kg and 1 m/ton. (or other packaging available per your request) 40" container (aprox. 20 M/ton) delivery in every 4-6 weeks

Contact: Katt California, Inc.
Tel: +1 (310) 497 1470 or +1 (619) 236 1035/1038, Fax: +1 (310) 559 8479 or +1 (619) 236 1002

News from the 13th IZC in Montpellier
Congratulations to
  Francois Fajula and his team for a wonderfully organized conference!
the Breck Award 2001 recipient Stacey Zones
our new IZA Ambassador Lovat V.C. Rees
At the IZA Business Meeting the IZA Membership selected
  Beijing, China as the venue for the 15th IZC in 2007
seven new Council members (from 25 candidates)
    Francesco Di Renzo, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Ryong Ryoo, Ferdi Schüth,
Takashi Tatsumi, Osamu Terasaki and Stacey Zones
The new Executive Committee of the IZA Council is
  Johannes Lercher, President
Johan Martens, Vice President
Francesco Di Renzo, Secretary
Rosemarie Szostak, Treasurer
The proposed modifications to the Constitution and Bylaws were accepted by the IZA Membership
Two new IZA Commissions will be formed
  Commission on Natural Zeolites (Co-chairs: A. Alberti and C. Colella)
Commission on Ordered Mesoporous Materials (Chair: F. Schüth) 
New Textbook
  The soft cover version of the 2nd revised and expanded edition of the student textbook entitled "Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice" edited by H. van Bekkum, E.M. Flanigen, P.A. Jacobs and J.C. Jansen will be available to IZA members at a reduced price thanks to sponsoring by the IZA. Contact H. van Bekkum or J.C. Jansen for further details. 
IUPAC Recommendations
  To download the new "Nomenclature of structural and compositional characteristics of ordered microporous and mesoporous materials with inorganic hosts (IUPAC Recommendations 2001)", click here
Other News
IZA Newsletter No. 8
  If you did not receive a copy of the last IZA Newsletter (Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 46, 129-136) with all the latest news from the IZA you can download it by clicking here.
Next International Zeolite Conferences


14th 2004 Cape Town, South Africa
15th 2007 Beijing, China

History of the IZA
  For a brief history of the IZA, written by the 1994 IZA Award winner Edith Flanigen, click here.


Technical Insights and Hewin International have released the latest report on zeolites. Using direct research and market information from top university, government, and corporate labs, Technical Insights provides a complete study of zeolite history, technology, and market applications. These reports briefly review some commercial systems and devote most of its analysis to research and development efforts where application work is advancing. It also projects the sizes of the various segments of the zeolite market through 2010 - the natural and synthetic market segments.

Contact: Ethan Smith, Technical Insights, 7550 IH 10 West, Ste. 400, San Antonio, TX 78229
Tel: (210) 247-3877, e-mail:


Handbook of Hydrothermal Technology: Technology for Crystal Growth and Materials Processing
K. Byrappa and Masahiro Yoshimura
Price $175 (Special 15% discount until June 30 - $149)

Quartz, zeolites, gemstones, perovskite type oxides, ferrites, carbon allotropes, complex coordinated compounds and many other products are now produced using hydrothermal technology. This handbook gives a comprehensive overview of the subject, and a detailed description of all the major methods of hydrothermal technique in use today. While the book covers theory, it is aimed at practical applications in the lab and in industry.

Full table of contents and ordering information:

Contact: Jim Willis
tel: +1 (607) 648 4770, e-mail:


Quantachrome Introduces a New Method for Zeolite Characterization (Technical Note 27)
Quantachrome introduces a new method for the characterization of micro- and mesoporous materials, including catalysts, separation membranes, sensors and other zeolite-based systems. The method is based on Nonlocal Density Functional Theory (NLDFT) and is designed for pore size characterization of zeolitic materials (including MCM-41) with cylindrical pores using high-resolution low-pressure argon adsorption isotherms at 87.3 K. In contrast to the widely used classical, macroscopic theories and models, the new method is microscopic in a sense that it describes the sorption and phase behavior of Ar in a narrow pore on a molecur level. This leads to a much more accurate pore size analysis for materials consisting of narrow micropores and mesopores in a diameter range from 0.5 nm up to ca. 20 nm.

Contact: Robert Swinson, Quantachrome Instruments, 1900 Corporate Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33426
tel: +1 (561) 731-4999, e-mail:


Zeolite, high quality Clinoptilolite (70-85%) for sale
Zeolite, natural sorbents. Sodium-Potassium molecular sieves, high quality Clinoptilolite (70 - 85%)
Packaging: 50 kg bags, 1-ton big bags. Double impregnation, any desired marking.
Standard particle sizing: 0.08 - 1 mm (Zeolite powder), 1 - 3 mm, 3 - 5 mm, 5 - 10 mm (Sorbents)
Transportation: Sale Terms: DAF (frontier of Ukraine) or FOB Odessa (Ukraine).
All specific technical information is available upon request.

Contact: Vladimir Yerohin


A team of University of Maine chemists has reported that exposing pesticide-contaminated water to natural light and a mineral known as a zeolite can dramatically speed up the break down of the pesticide. The finding could be useful in developing technologies for protecting drinking water supplies or improving environmental quality.

Contact: Howard Patterson, Dept. of Chemistry, 207-581-1178,

Information sent by Nick Houtman, Dept. of Public Affairs, 207-581-3777,


Announcing a new American Chemical Society book:
This book may be of interest to those who are involved in shape-selective catalysis, zeolite catalysis, petrochemicals and organic chemicals synthesis, as well as hydrocarbon processing over zeolite catalysts.
Shape-Selective Catalysis. Chemicals Synthesis and Hydrocarbon Processing
ACS Symposium Series No. 738, edited by Chunshan Song, Juan M. Garcés and Yoshihiro Sugi, published in 1999
Price: $125 (25% discount for ACS members)
Ordering information


C2C is a natural zeolite producer in Canada. we initiated production in January of 1999 in British Columbia, and produce zeolites with specific applications to our patented technologies in nuclear and hazardous waste encapsulation and the manufacture of LZC (Lightweight zeolite concretes). We are developing zeolite deposits in Nova Scotia which are highly crystalline materials contained within the basaltic trap rocks in the Bay of Fundy area of Nova Scotia. The zeolites from Nova Scotia include stilbite, clinoptilolite/heulendite, as well as crystalline mixes of several other species of zeolite. We are interested in collaborative work for development application for these unique zeolites.
We can be contacted through our webpage
LuVerne E.W. Hogg, President


Several years ago we purchased a trailer load of "Upplands Mineralprodukter Clinolit" for a project that was later discontinued. The zeolite (from Zeotech ab, Sweden) is still in its original packaging. If you are interested in buying this material (at a very attractive price), please contact Al Pastore, Technical Director, N. Jonas & Co., Inc. at


The second edition of Molecular Sieves: Principles of Synthesis and Identification by Rosemarie Szostak is now available in print. For details, click here.


We have developed a unique gas-solids reactor that economically supports chemical vapor deposition onto the surface of fine powders. Gas-phase deposition of chemicals onto zeolites, or other thermo-chemical modification of zeolites appears feasible. Other applications indicated are synthesis of zeolites from agricultural waste and a novel reactor design to use zeolite catalysts for gas processing.

However, the detailed knowledge of zeolite structure, modification and applications is beyond our company's skills and interests. For that reason, we are seeking a venture partner or licensee for our reactor technology. Please contact

John Kane
ACTON Materials, Inc.
Houston, Texas
Phone: 1 713 463 6400
Fax: 1 713 463 6426


From: beth durham <>
Subject: Zeolite Deposit

We are a South Dakota based company that holds a substantial zeolite deposit which is also located in SD. The deposit was surveyed by the USGS and was found to have at least 6 million tons of high grade (>85% clinoptilolite) and roughly 100 million tons of agricultural grade zeolite (40-70% clinoptilolite).

We have determined to sell the entire deposit and are seeking potential buyers. Additional information about the deposit is available if you are aware of anyone who might be interested in knowing more about it.

Please contact us via email if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Moyer-Durham


Congratulations to

the recipients of the 1998 Breck Award:
     P.A. Jacobs, D. De Vos, P.P. Knops-Gerrits, I.F.J. Vankelecom,
     D. Tas and R.F. Parton

and the recipient of the 1998 IZA Award:
Prof. H. van Bekkum


Seven new members were elected to the IZA Council at the 12th IZC in Baltimore


The publication from the Synthesis Commission Verified Syntheses of Zeolitic Materials is now in print

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