News from the Synthesis Commission

30-Jun-16News from IZC-18 Rio de Janeiro

5 members stepped down from the Synthesis Commission:
Jiri Cejka
Qisheng Huo
Wieslaw Roth
David Vaughan
Steve Wilson

6 new members joined the Synthesis Commission:
Tina Nenoff (USA)
Eng-Poh Ng (Malaysia)
Sibele Pergher (Brazil)
Jeffrey D. Rimer (USA)
David Serrano (Spain)
Natasa Zabukovec (Slovenia)

The new officers are:
Svetlana Mintova, Chair
Jeffrey D. Rimer, Vice-Chair

28-Jun-16More news from IZC-18 Rio de Janeiro

1. The Synthesis Commission prepared the 3rd edition of the book "Verified Syntheses of Zeolitic Materials" ISBN: 978-0-692-68539-6
The book is published on behalf of the Synthesis Commission of the International Zeolite Association.
The book contains 14 introductory articles and 108 recipes.

2. The Synthesis Commission will continue to enlarge the collection of zeolite recipes and will include new phases of interest. Please send your proposal to at

1-Nov-13 Call for proposals for the next edition of Verified Syntheses of Zeolitic Materials
The compilation of the third edition of the "Verified Syntheses of Zeolitic Materials" book is underway. We invite all members of the IZA to help us identify zeolites of interest that should be considered for verfication and inclusion in the book. Please send your proposal to Svetlana Mintova at

Deadline for sending proposals for new zeolite synthesis verification: 23-December-2013
25-Aug-13 At the 17th IZC held in Moscow in July
10 new members joined the Synthesis Commission
Jiri Cejka
Suk Bong Hong
Qisheng Huo
Yoshihiro Kubota
Gregory Lewis
Svetlana Mintova
Jean-Louis Paillaud
Fernando Rey
Wieslaw Roth
Jihong Yu
    They will join the previous members
Kenneth Balkus
Roberto Millini
Wilhelm Schwieger
David Vaughan
Steve Wilson
Stacey Zones
  The new officers are

Svetlana Mintova (Chair)
Gregory Lewis (Vice-Chair)

  A third edition of Verified Syntheses of Zeolitic Materials is planned

for the 18th IZC that will be held in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The idea is to make reproducible recipes for zeolite synthesis easily available to the zeolite community.

The Commission welcomes input from the zeolite community as to which materials should be added to the existing ones. You are encouraged to contact any of the members of the Synthesis Commission (e-mail addresses can be found here) with suggestions.

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