Honorary Membership

At each IZC up to two IZA associates can be elected as IZA Honorary Members.
The honorary membership is given in recognition of the services made to the IZA in supporting the organization and/or promoting its activity through remarkable results obtained in zeolite science and technology.
Honorary Members is recognized with a mention on the website of the Association and will be relieved from paying the registration in all subsequent IZCs without paying the conference registration.
The selection of honorary members is made by the IZA Council during one of the first meetings held on the occasion of an IZC. Each member of the IZA Council, after a prior consultation with fellow zeolite scientists and with the IZA Commission Chairmen, may nominate one person bringing arguments in support of its proposal. The list of candidates is voted on by the IZA Council. The vote is repeated each time discarding the candidate with the least number of votes until only two candidates remain. Each of the two final candidates to be elected must receive the consent of the majority of voters. Otherwise, that time, the recognition is not assigned.
The names of the new honorary members are announced by the IZA President during the gala dinner.

Honorary Membership Recipients:

Jean-Pierre Gilson
LCS, ENSICAEN, Caen, France
for his outstanding contribution to zeolite science and technology and for the great service in the organization IZA-related events.

Avelino Corma
ITQ, Valencia, Spain
for his outstanding contributions to zeolite science and technology and his great service as chairman of IZC2022.

Christian Baerlocher
ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
for the renowned contribution to the structural chemistry of zeolites  and for the devoted service to the design and maintenance of the Database of Zeolite Structure.

Giuseppe Belluss
Eni SpA, Italy
for the outstanding contribution to zeolite science and technology and for the great service as President of the IZA.

Takashi Tatsumi
of the Tokyo University of Technology, Tokyo, Japan                                                   
for the outstanding contribution to zeolite synthesis and catalysis and for the dissemination of zeolite science.

2016 Carmine Colella
University of Neapol, Italy
contribution given to the IZA through the constitution of the Natural Zeolite Commission, the preservation of the related culture, the update of IZA history and the keeping of IZA archive.

Michael Stöcker
SINTEF, Norway
for co-founding the Journal "Microporous and Mesoporous Materials" and for having supported the culture of zeolite science as Editor-in-Chief of this Journal for many years.

If you would like to invite the IZA Ambassador to visit your laboratory, further details on the procedure are given here.

last updated: 16-September-2016