The Commission on Natural Zeolites

was established at the 13th International Zeolite Conference in Montpellier in 2001 to

  (i) prepare and maintain databanks on natural zeolites of either hydrothermal or sedimentary origin
  (ii) set up standard procedures for the characterisation of natural zeolites and rules for the presentation of experimental data
  (iii) select representative zeolite samples and establish institutional depositories for them
  (iv) prepare atlases, catalogues and handbooks on natural zeolites
  (v) help in the organization of field trips in connection with the International Zeolite Conferences


Longterm Goals:

  (i) Preparation of a Worldwide Catalogue of Sedimentary Zeolites with

(1) information on their occurrence, properties and use, and
(2) a series of standard analystical procedures for characterisation purposes

  (ii) Preparation of a Reference Book providing a summary of all our knowledge about natural zeolites,

including genesis, mineralogy, crystal chemistry, physical properties and historical notes


last updated: 21-October-2005