International Reference Zeolites are ready for delivery!

You can now request the samples of International Reference Zeolite, which are provided by the Catalysis Commission, International Zeolite Association. The samples can be used for scientific purposes, and the results should be reported when published as scientific papers. Only shipping from the distributor in your country is required. We currently offer services in a limited number of countries, but we plan to expand to other countries as well.
Details can be found on the Application Form.

The goal of the international reference zeolite project

In 2016, at the IZC held in Rio de Janeiro, Prof. Martin Hartmann, Catalysis Commission Chair at the time (now the IZA President from 2019), initiated the International Reference Zeolite project with Prof. Naonobu Katada as the main coordinator. I have taken over the chair since 2019. Here I would like to say a few words at the beginning of this project.
A "reference" refers to a control experiment in our field of science; an experiment to confirm the normal operation of an analytical instrument in an experiment somewhere by somebody. A "reference" is something that gives us a zero point for correction, and provides a ruler where a point is.
The goal of the International Reference Zeolite Project is to make the same zeolite samples available worldwide. This will allow researchers around the world to know exactly where they are in the world, not just to check the operation of analytical instruments as mentioned. The aim of this project is not to provide the very best samples, but to have the same baseline around the world, which will support the research infrastructure around the world and serve as a guidepost for advanced research.


As the beginning, click Here to access to the application form for IRZ online.
Then, select the sample(s) you would like to obtain. Required fulfill should be input, and select the country/area that you belong.
Finally, you have to agree the following term of conditions raised in the page.
  • Sample distribution conditions
  • Agreement information utilization by IZA
  • Responsibility
  • Shipping cost
  • Report of the result when you publish the experimental data

  • Acknowledgement

    Finally, I would convey my special thanks to:
    Professor Naonobu Katada, Tottori Univ., for his initiation and leadership of the project
    Professor Etsushi Tsuji, Tottori Univ., for his web system management
    Dr. Takahiko Moteki, The Univ. Tokyo, for his website management
    Mr. Yuya Kawatani, Mr. Hiroki Masuda, and Ms. Manami Matsuo, all from Tottori Univ., for their packing and delivering staffs
    Tosoh Corporation and Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals, ltd. for their supply of the zeolites

    October, 2021
    Professor Masaru Ogura, the Chair of the Catalysis Commission, IZA

    last updated: 19-October-2021