Young Researcher Award

Sponsored by ExxonMobil

The IZA established Young Researcher Award in order to recognize and stimulate young talents within the zeolite and related nanoporous materials community.

The Young Researcher Award will be given to an individual for outstanding contribution to the Science and Technology of zeolites and related nanoporous materials, since January 1st of the year of the last IZC to the December 31st of the year before the IZC where the award will be given.

The award, a plaque, will be given to an individual not a group, during the banquet of the International Zeolite Conference. The sponsorship, in the amount of $ 10000, is assumed by ExxonMobil and presented at each IZC conference.  

The IZA Protocol for the Young Researcher Award can be viewed here.  

Young Researcher Award Recipient:

2019: Dr. Manuel Moliner (ITQ, Valencia, Spain) is the first recipient of the Young Researcher Award
for novel synthesis methods to obtain nanosized zeolites and to control active sites distribution in zeolite catalysts.

2022: Prof. Michiel Dusselier (KU Leuven, Bemgium) is the recepient of the Young Resrarcher Award for his achievements in the knowledge-based development of catalyst for innovative catalytic conversion processes.

last updated: 28-November-2018