IZA Affiliation

According to Article VIII of the Constitution and Bylaws of the International Zeolite Association (see below), organizations can apply to the IZA Council for affiliated status.

Article VIII.

Affiliated organizations

Section 1.

Upon their request, other organizations, regional or other, also promoting the science and technology of zeolite and molecular sieve type materials may become affiliated to the IZA.

Section 2.

The IZA Council will agree or not by a vote to grant the affiliated status to an organization as defined in Section 1 after investigation of the Constitution and Bylaws of this organization.

Section 3.

The affiliated status cannot be granted, or can be forfeited, if a conflict arises with the IZA Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 4.

The IZA cannot be held legally responsible for the activities of such affiliated organizations.

last updated: 3-July-2001