Zeolite Conference Schedule

If you know of a conference that is of interest to zeolite scientists (must not be devoted entirely to zeolite science) and is not included in the list below, please send the relevant information to Valentin Valtchev so it can be added.





9 - 13 Sep 2018Krakow, Poland
7th Iternational Workshop of Layered Materials 
28 Feb - 2 Mar 2018Kiel, Germany Deutsche Zeolith-Tagung
20-24 Aug
Washington (D.C.), USAInternational Symposium on Mesoporous Zeolites
25-27 May
Ljubljana, Slovenia7th Slovenian-Serbian-Croatian Symposium on Zeolites
23-24 Aug
Golpayegan, Iran4th Iran International Zeolite Conference
9-12 Jul
Ottawa, CanadaNanoporous Materials VIII
3-7 Jul
Sofia, Bulgaria7th FEZA Conference - The Zeolites: Materials with Engineered Properties
22-25 Jan
Bali, Indonesai3rd Euro-Asia Zeolite Conference 
21-25 Aug 2016Philadelphia, USAInternational Symposium of Mesoporous Zeolites
4-8 Sep 2016Venice, Italy6th IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry
11-15 Sep 2016 Long Beach, California, USA

5th International Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks & Open Framework Compounds

5-9 Sep 2016 Kutna Hora Czech Republic 6th International Workshop on Layered Materials
19-24 Jun 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

18th International
Zeolite Conference

2-4 Mar 2016Giessen, Germany28th Deutsche Zeolith-Tagung
11-14 Oct 2015 Potsdam, Germany

1st European Conference on Metal Organic Frameworks and Porous Polymers

6-9 Sep 2015

Burgas, Bulgaria

6th International Symposium of Advanced Micro- and Mesoporous Materials


23-26 Aug 2015

Dresden, Germany

Diffusion Fendamentals VI, Diffusive Spreading in Nature, Technology and Society
26-31 Jul 2015

Chester, UK

Chislehurst style BZA Annual Meeting

12-15 Jul 2015

Utrecht, The Netherlands

17th International Symposium on Relations between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis (ISHHC17)

5–10 Jul 2015

Edinburgh, UK

Euroclay - International Conference on Clay Science and Technology

28 Jun - 2 Jul 2015

Sapporo, Japan

International Symposium on Zeolites and Microporous Crystals (ZMPC 2015)

23-25 Jun 2015 Taipei, Taiwan

International Conference on Nanospace Materials: from fundamental to Advanced Applications


3-6 May 2015

Delray Beach, Florida, USA

7th International Workshop "Characterization of Porous Materials: from Angstroms to Millimeters" (CPM-7)

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